Don’t think about The History of Apple Pie’s name too much. It’s not a reference to anything, other than what you can come up with after a few Google searches.

Feel Something does feel familiar. It feels a lot like the awesome wave of English rock bands from the mid 90s and early 2000s. Singer Stephanie Min’s vocals are soft and dreamy, reminiscent of many indie acts today. It’s an interesting contrast to the guitar work she sings over the top of. This isn’t to say this is a heavy rock and roll album by any stretch. For example, ‘Keep Wondering’, had heavy smacks of Coldpplay.

That isn't to say the song, or the band itself, is a cheap sounding knock-off. Opener ‘Come Undone’ is extraordinarily catchy and lead single ‘Tame’ has an addictive piano hook that Steph harmonises over with ease. If the band wants a hit, this may be it.

With ‘Special Girl’, which at first sounds like a softy, we see the band show their desire to make loud noises every once and a while. Final song ‘Just Like This’, with its dirty garage sound and extended outro, was also suitably enjoyable.

Feel Something is a pleasant, well-crafted, inoffensive (even a little bit cute) album. It’s full of hooks and variety, which is what you want in a record like this. It’s addictively listenable, and there is miles of untapped potential from this band to look forward to on future releases.

Rating: 3/5

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