Triosk - The Headlight Serenade

Now on their third album, Triosk are still suffering comparisons to The Postal Service, which is completely ridiculous and unfair. The Postal Service is covering The Flaming Lips badly and writing inane indie ditties that all sound the same (at least to these ears), while Triosk is creating flawless, unique soundscapes. Likening two bands because they sometimes use the same drum beat just isn't the sort of thing that can be taken seriously, you know?


If a comparison must be made, a more accurate one would be to Aphex Twin – but really, trying to sum up a band in comparisons never does them justice, so forget everything I just said and let's start again.


Triosk are avant-garde. (I know, I hate that phrase too, but I thought I'd just say it straight up and get it out of the way, because it's too apt not to use here.) To be a little more specific, Triosk are avant-garde jazz masters, and to be even more specific, Triosk are an Australian trio of avant-garde ambient electro-jazz masters. The Headlight Serenade is an instrumental journey through a whimsical, romantic land led by Triosk (who are, if you recall, an Australian trio of avant-garde ambient electro-jazz masters). See why it's much easier to rely on bad comparisons to half get a point across?


To put it simply, The Headlight Serenade is the kind of album you want playing while you're having an 8am recovery session – in fact, I put it on during one such occasion and it was met with approval by all.


Opening track Visions IV immediately draws you in with intricate piano/synth interplay, and before you know it you've been sucked up by epic fifth track Lazyboat and spat out into Not to Hurt You, on which the band conjure images of late nights, dim streets and that certain emptiness that only comes with heartbreak.


Final tracks Moment Returns and Fear Survivor (gotta love a Donnie Darko reference) work you out of your trance slowly, lightly, meaning that when the album's finished you're vaguely aware of what's happened but need to go back for another listen to try to work it all out. This never works, as subsequent listens just draw you back into said trance time and time again. It took me about 15 attempts to work this out.


The Headlight Serenade is not just an album for you and your munted friends to chill out to – it's definitely an album for people who like to be challenged in the most pleasant way possible. Fans of Bjork, the aforementioned Aphex Twin, Triosk's labelmates volcano! and even Colditz Glider should check out what Triosk have to offer.

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