Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road

Hilltop Hoods fans will not be disappointed with the latest release from the Adelaide hip hop kings. Already debuting at #1 on the charts, The Hard Road is the follow up to the hugely successful release The Calling, which achieved gold status.


The album features tracks ranging from party anthems such as the first single titled ‘Clown Prince' to ‘City of Light', ‘An Audience With the Devil' and ‘Stopping All Stations' which are more dark and serious tracks that deal with both social and personal issues. The Hard Road takes the listener on a journey from humble beginnings to where the boys find themselves today, narrated with the usual tongue-in-cheek lyrics typical to the Hilltop Hoods and a lot of catchy beats and samples.


Guest appearances on the album include the Funk Oars, UK Mystro and Braintax on ‘Obese Lowlifes' and Omni from the US on ‘Conversations from a Speakeasy'. Another highlight is the track ‘The Blue Blooded' which features Hau, Muph, Pegz, Vents, Trials, Drapht, Mortar, Sesta, Robby Balboa, Honz, and of course Pressure and Suffa.


From the way MC Suffa and MC Pressure construct their rhymes to Debris' original beats and samples, the Hilltop Hoods are easily in a class above the rest. As their live performances continue to blow their audiences away there is no stopping this trio. The Hard Road is just another brilliant chapter in their journey to the top of the Oz hip hop mountain.

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