The Grapes - Western Sun

The Grapes - Western Sun

Australian rock in roll legend Ashley Naylor and beautiful country singer Sherry Rich together form The Grapes. With what might seem like an interesting pairing, the two come together for a second time to create something great.

10 years since their debut record, Western Sun is an album of styles and sounds that keep you listening until the end. Not as pop as their self titled first album, it’s a journey quite literally into the Western Sun and the land of spurs, saloons, cowboys and Indians. If you like Western films, then you’ll love this album.

There are some songs that were perhaps influenced by some of music’s greats.
The very catchy “Step Inside” is infectious and merits a few more listens with it’s Beatles-esque melody. The soaring harmonica drifts effortlessly through the “The Boy Who Could Not Sleep” sounding a bit like Bob Dylan.

Many of the songs sound like they could have been slipped into a Tarantino film or a Spaghetti Western. The eerie whistling during “Interlude” really sets the scene before a shooting is going to go down.

“Ride On Lonely” makes you want to put on the biggest cowboy hat you can find and ride your horse through town.

Rich’s vocals are elegant and beautiful and pair well with Naylor’s guitar. The two really make a great musical pair. Although it’s a lot more country than rock, it is not overbearingly in one style. It has a nice balance of sounds of folk, rock and country that really make it accessible to people not so inclined to country music.

Altogether it’s a very enjoyable album that sets a scene in an imaginary land of cowboys, western bars and Clint Eastwood. Best enjoyed with a glass of whiskey or on a long journey in the car. Hopefully it won’t be another ten years before The Grapes record again.

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