Grand Drive front man, Danny George Wilson's first solo release took a while to get my attention, but most albums that I really enjoy do. At first, the album started off kind of dreary and slow but once I new what to expect, it really sucked me in.


I must admit I'd never heard of Danny George Wilson or Grand Drive when I agreed to review this album but after hearing it I am left quite interested to check out more.


The album is has a gentle acoustic sound that would bring back memories of walking with a loved one in the countryside, if one had said memories. The female vocalist, Jess Klein, adequately supplies harmonies reminiscent of a young Emmylou Harris.


Danny recorded this album over four Saturday's during the summer of 2003 in his friend Simon Aplin's front room. Alpin (who has worked with the likes of Teenage Fan Club, Badly Drawn Boy, Bap Kennedy and Devandra Banhart) also produced all the songs.


After recording the songs that would become The Famous Mad Mile, Danny chose to wait for a while before releasing the album. Althought he personally loved the songs, he wasnt sure if other people would think it was any good. However, when Grand Drive decided to take some time off to pursue other projects, Danny decided to take a chance and release it.


While the album is not a concept albumm, one could easily assume it was. The recurring harmonies of Jess Klein give the image of a young couple on a journey. Of live, love and other things.


Listen to this album if you want an escape from your busy schedule to think about the country-side and remember a time when things seemed much simpler.


Standout tracks include 'Somewhere Else Instead", "The Bellringer", "Baby I'm On Your Side" and "Beauty In This Town".

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