Speaking up for white punks on dope everywhere, showing that we can still be rebels and not just business men, showing that we can be Punks and not just work at fast food joints. These guys give hope to us young white men that believe we cannot be sexy, we can!!! These guys make white guy sex sound fulfilling and swarve not dorky and creepy.


Named after a French monarch, Louis XIV are a classy Glam-Rock band from San Diego, California and they're full of energy, angst energy.


The album The Best Little Secrets Are Kept is full of 70s glam guitar and minimal yet effective piano notes. The songs are all very catchy, but also very generic to most 70s revival bands. The album channels such music icons such as Marc Bolan, Frank Zappa, Queen, Iggy Pop and Swedish heroes of now The Hives. The rhythm on this album is brilliant it's always pumping and making you want to dance, the lyrics are in your face and confrontational and the guitar riffage is immense, reminiscent of Brian May the guitarist of queen.


It's very hard to classify Louis XIV to one style, the song ‘A Letter to Dominique' verges into the sunshine pop of the beach boys. ‘God Killed the Queen' starts as a new wave dance track and ends up morphing into a sit back Blues style diddly. ‘Illegal Tender' may as well have a choir singing the climatic "It takes a lover, to love me like no other". ‘Pledge of Alliance' sounds like an Adam Ant and The Streets cross over; above it stands samples of orgasms.


The craftsmanship on each song shows, every song has been layered with many tracks to fill the void and to make a lovely musical experience. It gives the album a very sexy feel, as the album itself is based around the theme of sex. The singer, singing songs of sexual frustration of a young man, these boys are defiantly not afraid to censor themselves, an example of this is the cover art to ‘The Best Little Secrets are Kept' which is the first album ever to receive a censorship sticker for the art work, which shows a naked woman's bare back and bum crack.


The Best Little Secrets are Kept is a great debut from Louis XIV, and I feel that this bands efforts will only get better with time as they mature through out the years, they defiantly a band to watch within the next couple of years.

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