The Bennies - Better Off Dread

The Bennies - Better Off Dread

Party boys from Melbourne, The Bennies, are back with, Better Off Dread, another mash up of party, ska, reggae and punk tracks, leading on from their May 2011 release PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! Unfortunately they have only graced us with four tracks, BUT, it is on a 7’inch vinyl and digital download - quickly forgiven

First track ‘Mushroom Tea’ punches you in the face with high hats, sax and a short yet sweet electric solo that will have people on the train wondering ‘are they tripping on mushroom tea’? Whatever you’ll be having too much fun. 'My bike' is another classic punk, pop, rock tune, stating life in Melbourne. Flip side of the vinyl, 'Better off Dread', - will be a great day when I get this song live - the kinda a song you’ll sing along with the band after having it pleasantly stuck in your head over a few days. Finishing on 'Return To 9-5': We have entered the realm of hip hop - significantly different to the rest of the record, but great teaser to end on.

The Bennies have supported international acts such as: The Aggrolites, Guttermouth, DJ Yoda and more; gaining international success overseas, significantly in Japan. If you’re having a shit day, pissed off at the world or maybe don’t wanna leave home cos it’s the beginning of winter, but in some way obliged, chuck on Better off Dread 10 minutes before go, it’ll be what you need to pick you up. What you got in mind for summer guys?
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