The 2 Bears - The Night is Young

The 2 Bears - The Night is Young

The 2 Bears are back, and they come "bear"-ing their second album, The Night Is Young, with a mix of pop, house, soul, a dash of reggae and some African flavours.

Raphael ‘Raf Daddy’ Rundell and Hot Chip's Joe Goddard have been playing around the world since their 2002 debut LP.

The duo spent time in South Africa playing in Cape Town and Johannesburg while working on a project for a UK youth magazine. While in South Africa they also recorded some songs with Kwaito legend Senyaka added his vocal to lead single "Angels (Touch Me)", and the lead vocals on album track "Son Of The Sun" were recorded with a young singer called Sbusiso.

"Run Run" has tribal beats which directly reflects the group's time in South Africa.

This a very summertime, feel good album that has something to please everyone. Lead single "Angel (Touch Me)" is a smooth plea. "Not This Time" is a sassy house tune about not getting pulled back into a rocky relationship.

"Money Man" is a bouncy reggae tribute to the great Bob Marley that commands you to "Stand up, stand up!". It's a breezy reggae beat with an simple message that money can't buy you happiness. It's given a modern twist with synths and wave of Goddard's other band Hot Chip running through.

The Night Is Young is a jaunty bunch of songs that will go down well on the dance floor on a hot summer's night. The 2 Bears are pedigree DJ's with incredible credentials who have delivered a stylistically varied album.
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