Surfer Blood - Pythons

Surfer Blood - Pythons

Surfer Blood’s sophomore release Pythons starts out well with ‘Demon Dance,’ a bit surfie, a bit garage, a bit pop. This is what I was expecting after the band’s critically acclaimed first album Astro Coast, known for it’s Pavement sound. Since then, lead singer John Paul Pitts has had a rough trot, and been accused of domestic battery.

Mmm, there’s nothing like a bit of heartbreak and chaos to drive home a second album, right? Well I’d like to say that I can feel Pitts’ raw emotion through the speakers, that the depth, anguish, pain or even sense of rejuvenation is tangible. I’d also like to say that it’s none of our business, but when it’s public knowledge what an LP is about, you tend to look at it differently. Expectations aside, it feels washed out. Pitts’ voice drones on, and the band isn’t pop enough to get away with how shallow its arrangement sounds.

‘Blair Witch’ is a self-pitying and apologetic song lyrically but it’s just weak. You are confronted with easy rhymes like “I looked in the mirror today/Then I got scared and ran away,” that don’t pull off the cute college-rock thing I assume they’re going for here.

‘Gravity’ is a bit of a relief from the sorry pathetic tone of the rest of the record. I think Surfer Blood are better off doing the cute romantic tracks like this one, as the honest emotional numbers that make up a majority of the recording, really just make Pitts sound tired.

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