Hatebreed - Supremacy

After bringing hardcore to the masses, Hatebreed have established themselves as the unchanging benchmark for hardcore bands to aspire to. Sure all their records tread the same ground, but Hatebreed has never attempted to be what they aren't. They simply do what they do, and they do it with passion and skill.


This record solidly underlines all of these qualities. Supremacy showcases heavy, driving drums and the addition of an extra guitar, which fits in very well indeed. The sound is cleaner, which makes for an easier listen, while Jamey Jasta's vocals are even more audible than usual.


As well as being as brutal as ever, Jasta confirms that he is as angry as he has ever been too. He revealed in a recent interview that depression, caused by a number of deaths of family and friends and the drinking and partying lifestyle experienced on the road, fuelled the content of this album. It is clear that he is pissed about it, but has managed to over come this and record some very passionate vocals.


Hatebreed have never claimed to be a progressive band, and in many ways this has served them well. Hardcore fans have always been an insular group, and bands that progress from hardcore have typically lost many fans. Hatebreed will never suffer this fate, because they will always be Hatebreed, which means you know what you are getting, and you know it is gonna be good.


As far as individual tracks go, "Defeatist" starts with some creepy samplings before pummeling drums, aggressive guitars and a brutal yell cut in. The chorus features a back-up chant of hate in "Cos you HATE yourself/And you HATE this world/And you HATE the fact/That you HATE everybody." Again, this is typical Hatebreed, but it sounds clean and brutally heavy, and it is actually very catchy.


"Destroy Everything" has limited lyrical value, but features awesome guitar, and a heavy-as-fuck breakdown/chorus sequence that will have you hitting repeat again and again. "Divine Judgment" features the best yell/growl that I have ever heard, before another heavy-as-fuck breakdown that will have the neighbours complaining.


"Never Let It Die" is sure to become a live favourite with the echoing chant of "Never Let It Die" ringing in your head for hours after you listen to it. This song does drag on a little though, and could have been 30 seconds shorter, but whatever, this is a small price to pay for such a great track.


I could write about the rest of the album, because they are all standouts, but this would be a waste of time. Hatebreed fans know what to expect, and those who don't, will have some idea of what to expect from a band on Roadrunner Records.


All in all, this will please fans of Hatebreed and hardcore in general, as long as you aren't expecting them to be breaking any new ground.

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