Barry Adamson - Stranger On A Sofa

With Stranger On A Sofa, former Magazine and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' bassist Barry Adamson continues to pen masterful musical scores that he has done throughout his solo career. Starting with 1989's Moss Side Story, his latest release continues in that vein, showcasing Adamson's enormous talent in all facets of the trade.


Released through his own Central Control International, Stranger On The Sofa takes you on a musical and psychological voyage, touching a number of styles along the way before you land at your final destination. Aside from some occasional vocal and instrumental additions, Stranger On A Sofa was written, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Adamson, highlighting his immense musical skills, on both sides of the desk.


He confirms again that he indeed is his own man, musically, with no fads, fashions or trends adhered to in the making of arguably his best work since Moss Side Story.


Release opener, 'Here In The Hole' is an eerie tome that paints a peculiar picture and forces you to sit up and take notice. So begins the journey. It is also one of the few instances that one of the ‘guests' shares their talents, with Anna Chancellor providing the voice.


'Officer Bently's Fairly Serious Dilemma' could sit nicely on a Belle and Sebastian release (as could 'You Sold Your Dreams') such are its pop sensibilities, yet the twist that is the 60's wah and drone freak out put paid to that.


'Who Killed Big Bird' hits the target for mine with it's spy-crossed-porno swagger, something that you automatically associate with Adamson, with it's seductive yet seedy sax to the fore. With some similar elements, the slightly dark almost industrial café jazz-fusion of 'Dissemble' is just another facet of the Adamson diamond that shines here.


'The Long Way Back Again', with its harmonica and slide guitar coupled with a shanty like time signature provide an easy folk feel and even has an almost Dylan tone about it. 'The Sorrow And The Pity' is back into film score mode and 'Inside Of Your Head' could easily have been penned by Cave himself.


You could lock yourself in a room and try to piece this together or just as easily use it as your background as you go about your business.

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