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From the Northern beaches of Sydney a rock quintet emerge. Their name... Stone Parade. Their Music... In one word, promising. Can I make that Very Promising?


It is one of those things you hope for. You buy a new CD or see a new band live and you want to hear that certain something that piques your interest and thus makes your ears prick up and you say to yourself, "Hey, these guys are good!" I said that to myself on the first listen of Stone Parade's debut self-titled EP and after several listens later (and with the ability to now sing along to most of the choruses) I was appreciating the music more and more.


The guys have got sincere, compelling rock in the bag. The vocals of lead singer Greg Byrne are emotional. His heart is worn on his sleeve and emotion drips from the lyrics and blends with the guitars and drums. The use of subtle, rhythmic guitar leads you on to moments of driving guitars and crashing drums that serve the purpose of drawing you in to the music, evoking a response and making you sit up and listen.


The 7-track EP kicks off with "Revolution", one of many songs with a point to be made, a statement to be heard. The messages within the tracks range from sentiments regarding the band's views of war to the positive force that is revolution to sadness on our roads.


I could go on to list the tracks I liked on this EP but it would be easier to say I liked all but one, "In A Daze'. It just seemed like too much of a classic cheesy rock ballad. I was fond of the use of electronica guitar on "Space Between Us" which actually gave the effect of classic Sci-Fi space sound effects. The song probably has nothing to do with space (the one above our heads with Captain Kirk warp-speeding around in it) but that is the feeling it gave me and I couldn't shake it.


I was surprised to find that I had never heard of Stone Parade. I am somewhat of a regular on the Sydney rock music scene. Here's hoping this debut EP brings well-deserved attention to these guys.

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