Acid Nymph - Step Right Up

Acid Nymph - Step Right Up

Let me just start this review with saying that I love the local scene; Australia contains some great and unique bands. So today I’m going to talk about a EP called Step Right Up I recently got sent, from a local Sydney band called Acid Nymph, a bunch of circus freaks that decided they would take a break from whatever carnival they came from to inject something interesting into the local Sydney scene.

The album opens with ‘Ringmaster’ which begins with a marching drum beat before the carnival riffs kick in and Christie White begins to sing, the track descending into madness as the clean vocals meet Zac Davey’s screams,providing an interesting contrast. The next two tracks ‘Masked’ and ‘Welcome to the Nightmare’ both contain instantly banging grooves that recall the nu metal heyday of the 90’s, Masked ending with the line “You take” being repeated over and over again like a deranged metal patient before it moves into the latter.

Next we have 'Concubine' which is probably my favourite song on the record and introduces some light and shade into the mix with a short intro before the heaviness kicks in, with white's hauntingly fragile vocals the only thing on display for the majority.

The album finishes with ‘Big Top’ and ‘Un-reality’, the former bringing back the carnival sounds as the drums of Brad Thomas introduce the track before it explodes with its instantly addicting groove, that’s sure to get heads moving and the latter ending with a bang as White's vocals taking on a venomous tone, the song ending with the band taking everything up a notch as it ends with a heavy breakdown, as white repeats the line “Out of my head” like that person sitting in the dark corner rocking back and forth in the insane asylum.

If there are any criticisms I can throw at this EP it is that occasionally the contrast between the clean and screamed vocals can at times be quite jarring, the screams occasionally overshadowing the beauty of White's vocals and overall with the exception of Concubine there is little that sticks out from an individual song perspective.

However, don’t let that detracted you from what is a solid effort from one of the more unique local bands Australia has to offer, it’ll be interesting to see where these guys go as they refine their craft. So everyone step right up and get down on the nymph.
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