Coldcut - Sound Mirrors

I had never heard of this group before and to be honest I'm not much of a dance music fan, so I did a little research and found that Coldcut have been around since the 80s, were successful DJs on a UK radio station and had revolutionized VJing with their own software program they developed called VJamm.


The best way to sum the "Sound Mirrors" album up is that it is diverse. The use of such guests as Jon Spencer, Roots Manuva, Robert Owens and many more just make this album something that will appeal to most people as you have Rock, Roots and Trip Hop and Dance all in one album, definitely one to have going at a party to please the masses.


The opening track featuring Jon Spencer and Matt Black opens with the line "Get your Rock and Roll" and that's exactly what this is. A pure rock track mixed with some beats, it certainly stood out for me.


"True Skool" featuring Roots Manuva starts off sounding a little bit middle- eastern with a bit of hip hop thrown in, however it's a fantastic blend and this is definitely a song to get you up and dancing. I was actually having a little dance to this in my living room at 2am in the morning.


Track four called "Walk a Mile" really stood out for me. This track features the vocals of Robert Owens. It's very much a pop song that builds in really good beats. If I could pick a song that would do well on the charts then this would be it.


The title track "Sound Mirrors" is an instrumental, it has a nice soft sound utilizing all different kinds of instruments and beats, but it works and it works well. "Boogieman" has a good beat and I really liked the drums in this track, it also has a catchy hook line "I am the Boogieman, the Boogieman" This is a good solid dance track which I really enjoyed.


The rest of the album continues in the same diverse manner, there are different vocals thrown in throughout the album and Coldcut have added some real dance anthem style tracks mainly notable would be "This Island Earth" which had a dance party feel to it. Every track sounds different you wouldn't think it was the same band throughout. The album "Sound Mirrors" has actually made me open my eyes and want to listen to more of this style music as it is quite intelligent how they bring theirs and others styles together to create something so unique.

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