Japunga - Souls Conflicting

A bands descent into mediocrity has never been more apparent than on what is to be found on this uninspiring, cliché', ten track drink coaster "Souls Conflicting" by Japunga. With the borrowed sounds of every hard rock hook combined with uninspiring lyrics makes one wonder whether this was composed by a love sick Romeo with a 7th grade grasp of English and access to a distortion pedal. Tracks like "forever doesn't take that long" and "just say goodbye" left this reviewer with the overwhelming urge to either test the aerodynamics of the disc (Air speed velocity versus resistance versus the wall.) or stick a fork in the eye in an attempt to trade one god forsaken experience for another.


Japunga used to represent something more than they are on this travesty. They at least were on speaking terms with dignity. Before this release their previous effort "light at days end" was something at least passable as metal, with it's down tuned sludge riffs and guttural vocals seeming reminiscent of the power days of Sepultura. This bizarre and sudden change in direction (and I go so far to say "complete selling out") has left this reviewer feeling that as much as a band does need to change for the sake of survival, its at least worthwhile to remember where you came from. The vocals of Jeff Carter, this reviewer will concede though, have reached a greater level but this is all wasted in an attempt to flesh out so many dead pan riffs with tasteless lyrics. "Soul Conflict" lacks any true substance or originality. The production of the album seems to be one of quality but we all know you can package garbage in a pretty box with a bow around it but after all is said and done, it is still garbage.


Not happy Jan. This album was an utter disappointment from its very hopeless beginning to its not soon enough dismal end. If you value your c.d collection you will avoid purchasing this album. If you do purchase this audio disaster of biblical proportions, terrible things will happen to you. Your milk will curdle, your animals will run away and your friends will first disown you then proceed to beat you with sticks in the vain attempt to purge you of being possessed by such poor taste in music. You have been warned.

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