Son of Dave - Blues at The Grand

This is one seriously pumping album. When you’re not constantly grooving to the multitude of sounds coming out of the speakers you will find yourself wondering how you’ve never heard this music before (well, okay, maybe just me).

Son of Dave aka Benjamin Darvill is a Canadian born singer-songwriter who has been living the UK scene for about fifteen years now. He was a member of the Grammy nominated band, Crash Test Dummies but since they went their separate ways, he’s been on his blues, beat-box drive, he hasn’t looked back. With six albums and over nine hundred shows up his sleeve, you can say he’s found his passion.

I found Blues At The Grand provokes many thoughts of where this would be great to play, and decided almost anywhere. From sitting on the back deck, to having friends over and I’ve no doubt witnessing the band live would be mesmerising yet exhausting.

'Miss Katalin' drives the field with harmonica and beats enlaced with easy singing. 'Bow Wow' is rather groovy with harmonies and guitar and 'They Let Too Many People In' gets the body swinging with its deep lush vocals, balanced well with a dirty beat whereas 'Lay Your Hands' stands out for me with the female singer’s vocals reminiscent of times long gone.

Enjoy crunchy saxophone, baritone vocals, loads of brass, beat-boxing – it really is a party album for all to boogie too with a few moments to catch your breath and take a gulp of alcohol to then rise again to the occasion.

My only gripe is that the album is just shy of thirty one minutes and before you know it, the album is over. With technology as it stands now, I suggest you press replay for this album.
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