Early Years, The - So Far Gone

This London based band, The Early Years, has created psychedelic guitar noises melded with feedback, drones, distortion and wah set against a strong beat.


Browsing through their web page I noticed that this band had supported another English band, Electrolane. If you like the ladies of that Brighton based band, then The Early Years is a band for you. With a sound reminisant of the famous Australian band The Church, cleaned up version of the Stone Roses, without the larrikin. Influence. This band has a very English sound.


With the first track, So Far Gone, soulful lyrics, catchy rifts what more could you want from a band. The flanger at the start of the track draws you in. The rough gruffness of the singer, the obscuritary of the words, the driving beat of the tune keeps you rolling on through the song.


The 2nd version of So Far Gone goes all electronic and trancy on your arse, kinda like the work of the late and great Syd Barret, finishing suddenly with an abrupt stop.


With So Far Gone being a catchy rock song, the second song Rats on the E.P. reminds me very much of Coldplay.


They plan to release their debut album, "The Early Years" on the 25th September, that's U.K. so when it will be available here is anyone's guess.

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