23 - Smoke & Mirrors

Melbourne Hip Hop artist, 23 pours his heart and soul into his debut EP – Smoke & Mirrors. The EP is another showcase of the ever strengthening Australian Hip Hop scene 23 rapping over strong beats and seriously smooth flow.

The EP was produced entirely by C1 (the producer behind Allday’s 2012 Triple J Hottest 100 appearance ‘So Good’) and has features from Tigerilla, Shadow Kitsuné, Lucas Miller and Esther Stephens (NZ).

Lead track ‘The Journey’ featuring Tigerilla starts the honesty of the album looking at the journey to acceptance and belonging. This is a track where we can all relate to the lyrics and the vocals from Tigerilla that draw you in and have you replaying the track over and over. The track has a great beat and lyrically is a great intro to the album.

‘Never Changed’ is my favourite track from the album, delving again into the heartfelt nature of the album – “Family is my institute, but I’ll never grow up – I know that’s what my mother thinks!”. A deep look into life and the conflicts faced by youth – “I never really changed, still the same boy doing everything the same.” Talking about the Devil and Angel that’s sits on each shoulder as we make, and sometimes struggle to make, the decisions that shape our lives.

Title track ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ featuring the amazingly gorgeous vocals of Shadow Kitsuné, at times has a haunting and dark side to it, but until you listen to the lyrics and realise the Smoke and Mirrors 23 raps about are in fact very deep about the burdens that many of us face and that we cannot hide away from.

This is an incredibly good album from a relatively unknown independent artist. An album that you will find something to relate to. One that you’ll play multiple times and still find more to like. 23’s simple and honest lyrics are often conveyed in such a way embedded with double meaning. When delivered over his keen choice for contemporary beats, 23’s progressive style makes highly relatable and enjoyable songs.

23 has already received high acclaim from Lachie Balboa of Triple J – “A proper all-rounder. Strong showings in the verse, hook & the beat. nice one.”. 23 can be found on Triple J’s Unearthed site here - triplejunearthed.com.au/…

Smoke & Mirrors is available now as a FREE DOWNLOAD or you can purchase as a DELUXE CD hardcopy from twentythreemusic.bandcamp.com. The album is also available for purchase on iTunes, Spotify and other various digital channels.
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