Bloc Party - Silent Alarm Remixed

Silent Alarm is a pretty decent album, a modern-day hipster epic with early 80s Joy Division sounding material. It sounds as much like a Joy Division album as, say, a Dears album, it really crosses many genres. When Silent Alarm Remixed was announced, I was pretty excited. I love it when artists try to remix songs that don't even sound electronic. The result is usually pretty bizarre, either that, or some n00b drops a techno beat overtop of everything. Silent Alarm Remixed is noteworthy for a number of interesting reasons. First off, it's a good album in its own right, and this is coming from a guy who usually hates remix albums. It rises and falls, has peaks and valleys, touching, is dramatic, has plenty of variations, and there's always something new to discover. When you consider that it was helmed not by one artist but by at least thirteen, that's pretty significant. Secondly, it's an interesting take on its subject material, Silent Alarm. It doesn't sound like you're simply listening to the same record all over again, it's definitely different, really it's a whole new album. Silent Alarm Remixed is especially important for it's more varied sound. For Silent Alarm, was genre-wise an across the board mainstream yet still indie release, Silent Alarm Remixed is anything but boring. If you're a fan of Joy Division, The Cure, The Streets or any other Indie or Brit-pop type of music than this is an album for you.

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