She Rex - She Rex EP

She Rex - She Rex EP

Best enjoyed with a hard drink, preferably Gin, whilst amassing thoughts over a slowly brooding temper.

Sydney side tour-de-force She Rex have finally released an EP after toying with audiences in sweaty live spots all over the country, generating explosive energy and incredible tension with their warlike fusion of rock and hip-hop, and their self-titled EP She Rex doesn’t miss the mark in expressing their live ethic and their aggression in droves.

From the opening track Prologue we’re introduced to the mission statement that drives the femme fatale four-piece She Rex. It comes present in a slow building focus attack where the concepts of society get targeted and critiqued by Nikkita Rast through a raspy voice as the band slowly emerges element by element, warming you up into what to expect next.

Consequentially what evolves after this is a solid journey through multi-genres, pushing you through atmospheric classic rock in The Heist, gritty indie rock fusing in the likes of P.O.W.E.R, whilst constantly thrashing in the realms of rap in each freaking track. In some circumstances, this would swamp and drown other acts, but for She Rex; it works in such an incendiary way, you would wish that every other act imaginable would employ the same tenacious creativity.

This EP shows no layers of neglect, as each track is heavy with multi-layered punches, from the distorted attacks from Tash Adam’s drumming, Sarah Jullienne’s atmospheric and tension ladled synth work through to the multi-dimensional and adaptive guitar lines from Darcie Irwin-Simpson. It really provides an impressive introduction to what an act can supply, but the only criticism I can muster up, is that it leaves the listener wanting more.

The end of the EP surprises you, as the assault ends abruptly on Red Alert. But, this is the perfect circumstance that should arrive from an EP, where you’re introduced to the serving suggestion that comes with an acts work, leaving you impressed and optimistic with what may happen next. Setting shitty clichés aside, I honestly feel that She Rex is an act to keep an eye on, as their style and sound is ultra unique, heavily addictive and incredibly passionate. Powerful stuff indeed.
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