Blue King Brown - Self Titled

This six track release from the Melbourne based roots/reggae/rock/afro-funk/groove act showcases quite an eclectic assortment of instruments, which are played by various guest performers on the CD.


Effectively capturing their energetic stage vibe, Blue King Brown mix it up and into the six luscious tracks that ride in on this new release. The EP dances through succulent roots and reggae undertones, which in turn allows their direct political statements to reach the audience in a fun, energetic and most certainly, friendly manner. With the co-founders of Blue King Brown- Carlo Santone and Natalie Pa'apa'a's music careers being built essentially upon their numerous guest percussion stints with acts like The John Butler Trio, and Michael Franti & Spearhead, its no wonder their tracks are so tight and well executed.


From track one the EP launches straight into their popular and highly infectious ‘Water'. The track has evidently been well received by its audience and peers, with it gaining high rotation on Triple J. Also praised by APRA for Carlo and Natalie's song writing efforts, ‘Water' has hit a chord with many motivational music lovers alike. A few examples of Blue King Brown's political thoughts come through in their emotive lyrics of; "but he will never put his own ass on the front line, because he feels he's too important to risk his own life, so they'll use you, and they'll tell you that your brave, oh well when are you going to see that you were just a slave?" and "try to contain us, we speak our minds and then you blame us, it was your silly actions that made us have something to say".


Highlights from the EP include tracks; ‘Water', ‘You and I' and ‘Reasons Why'.

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