So after listening to this album several times already I am feeling like what I need right now is to dust off the old lava-lamp, throw brightly coloured sheer scarves over the lampshades, festoon the room with crocheted throw rugs and plush pillows and light up a joint and start smoking, allowing the room to become filled with those tendrils of relaxing smoke. Never mind the fact that I don't own a lava-lamp, I don't even smoke!


Not only has Brant Bjork and the Bros' album Saved By Magic transported me back to the 60's (I wasn't even born yet so how is that even possible?) it has filled me with this overwhelming sense of relaxation. I was relaxed almost to the point of being incapable of writing this review.


This is the first album with Brant Bjork's new line up, The Bros. He has formally released four albums. This is all after he decided to go solo after many years of work with bands such as Kyuss, Decon, Fatso Jetson and Fu Manchu. The drummer turned lead vocalist/guitarist has released a double album filled with examples of what he knows and does best- Stoner Rock. But he doesn't stop there. Bjork says, "This album juxtaposes everything that I've ever done musically. It's pretty loose and it's got a little bit of everything," and he is right. The album blends the typical sounds of desert/stoner rock with psychedelia, blues, and spoken word and is accompanied in many instances by the guitar stylings of Cortez, who I might just add is totally rad!


"Let the truth be known…and get stoned" Bjork sings in the track of the same name. The messages held within the tracks are certainly not cryptic. Bjork explores the themes of drugs, sex and even his childhood.


The two discs (Fuckin' A and Fuckin' Be) are loaded up with distortion and wah wah which is one of the trademarks of this style of music; being referred to sometimes now as organic rock. Instrumentals are scattered throughout both studio tracks and live recordings. Some stand out tracks for me include, "Moda", "Gonna Make The Pony Trot", "Let The Truth Be Known", "The Messengers", "Avenida de la Revolución" (a very cool and funky spoken word track) and the Cream cover "Sunshine Of Your Love" (although I do prefer the vocals on the original better).


I was quite impressed when I saw these guys live and although their album doesn't offer the extended instrumental solos you get with a live performance it is still quite an interesting and impressive album. It certainly has some great Jimi Hendrix moments on there as well.

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