Holidays on Ice - Sailor Girl

The video clip to Holidays On Ice's single Sailor Girl is every bit as novel and quaint as the song itself. Robertino Zambiano and Dominique Dinel have put together an amusing, if slightly perplexing, piece featuring cigar-toting crustaceans, pipe-smoking sea dwellers and even an underwater vocal trio. Performed as an elaborate puppet show through the sight of a telescope, it certainly presents an interesting cinematic approach, one where the DIY sensibilities seem more aesthetic than amateur.


The video follows the adventures of Sailor Girl who, steered by a drunken captain, finds her ship attacked by pirates. Our cardboard cut-out heroine responds by… well, remaining glued to the watchtower atop the cactus mast. Here, the storyline becomes increasingly fractured as the scene changes and cow-patterned birds with bells around their necks take to the skies.


The song itself is a slice of melodic pop so flowing it simply washes over you - there is no risk of sea-sickness here. The breezy vocals of Dean Manning and Angie Hart combine to create a smooth, instantly accessible and inherently summery track.


Sadly, things do not go quite so smoothly for the sailor girl herself, as her captain drinks himself to death and leaves her to face the bovine flying creatures alone. We can only hope she remembered her lifesaving vest.

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