Rose Cousins - We Have Made A Spark

Rose Cousins - We Have Made A Spark

Canadian folk-pop singer Rose Cousins inhabits the same gold-flecked alternative-country world as Alison Krauss or Gillian Welch, but with more of the sparse darkness of indie darling Angel Olsen. Her fifth studio album, We Have Made A Spark, is the kind of music that makes you want to wear oversize jackets and tall leather boots--preferably of Spanish leather.

Cousins has referred to the album as being a collaboration, forged from her time in Boston with an army of songwriters and instrumentalists. However, the tracks collaborate between themselves too. The accordion and mandolin on 'White Daises' light up the song like dandelions in a field, while the celtic-sounding fiddle on 'All The Stars' sweeps like wind through forest trees. The effect of these added touches creates the feeling of the unpowered cabin in New Hampshire where Cousins penned the album.

The body of these songs tips and leans in its slight variations, but never departs form the album's stationary sound. Essentially, it's perfect armchair music. Just as any of Van Morrison or Joni Mitchell's early albums established a matured tone or aesthetic, Cousins has written a group of songs that perfectly compliment each other.

While the album isn't one to inspire you to jump off a waterfall, climb a mountain, or take hip-hop dance classes, it might relax you enough to think about making slight but important changes to your life. Like leaving the house, or buying a pair of brown boots.

Watch the music video of her Greys-Anatomy-famous song 'Go First' below:

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