Sydney based trio Slumberhaze’s [Rhyme, Rhythm & Romance Part 1[/i] is the first part of an EP trilogy with parts two and three to be released later in the year.

Slumberhaze are not just unique in terms of an EP trilogy, but this hip-pop group have a very original sound too. This four track EP shows off an impressive group of songs that have elements of jazz, alternative and great use of layered speech grabs sampled in.

The first single ‘Until The Summer’, shows off their distinct sound with waves of light synth and a heartbeat like bass line. There is also a sample of an official statement about the NASA Columbia Crew disaster in 2003, where all seven crewmembers died when re-entering Earth. There is there this feeling of doom and distance.

‘A Lot of Love’ uses the sampling well, starting with a tired yawn and continues with other samples throughout in the background. These layers of sounds over a sleepy composition makes for good listening and sounds great in a good pair of head phones.

Slumberhaze are a genuinely creative band and have crafted interesting music that’s easy to listen to and enjoy. It’s like waking up easy on a Sunday morning.

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