Restless Leg - Restless Leg

Restless Leg - Restless Leg

Just like other aussie contemporaries like Bitch Prefect and Boomgates, Restless Leg has that ‘honest-pop’ vibe about it. But unlike other bands that get grouped under that term, it strays from the slacker vibe and feels like a cohesive, and energised work. Most releases that are given the honest-pop name have a kind of suburban charm to them, how Hourly Daily would sound if it focused more on being hung over, and less about being sprightly first thing in the morning.

Their debut, the self-titled Restless Leg, showcases a band that channeling that suburban anger into something raw visceral yet comforting. There’s a pop sensibility to many of the tracks here, like ‘In Janie’s Eyes’, a sweet romantic pop song.

Restless Leg have name-dropped Jonathan Richman, Ray Davies and Smudge as influences, which provides some major clues about their wry, understated guitar-pop. The album has been described as plentiful with “moments of suburban geekiness,” yet swamped in the hot familiar angst of an Australian summer.

Some of the angrier, crunchier numbers on this album are total banger – proving that Restless Leg are capable. Songs like ‘Angry Little Death Cloud’ or ‘Perfume in the Poison Dust’, are great downtrodden punk tunes ripe with twanging guitars and sighed harmonies to boot.

I feel that for many, this will be an album that gets a couple listens then stored away for the summer heat, when all of our suburban-brewed, slacker angst comes out. For being a band that had taken the comfortable genre of ‘honest-pop’ and filled it with the soul and energy it needed, Restless Leg have won this reviewer over. Their debut album is a bloody, homegrown gem!
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