Bob Dylan wrote about a thirteenth century, Italian poet that spoke to his soul. I'm no Bob Dylan, but Dom Italiano is the modern day incarnation of that poet. This is why the man's won every song writing competition, award, and scholarship there is to be had in Australia.


Whether it be tales lamenting old loves (so I know that I am dreaming/and I wonder of the meaning/she is hovering above me/screaming that she loves me), appreciating life (and never again/will I miss my chance/to wobble my arms/and let sparks light up my pants), or everyday occurrences (her housemate is watching the Letterman show/while some underage girl gives him head), there's guaranteed to be a track from his latest release Raising Revenue: Busking CD 2005 that strikes a chord with each listener.


A compilation of some re-releases of his earlier tracks with band insidezero, and some older solo songs, as well as a couple of newbies, the ep is an unashamed attempt to raise enough money to record again, as the title clearly states. However this doesn't detract from the quality of the tracks. A guitarist before all else, Italiano plays the entire instrument like no other, filling each track so as to make the ballads carry you with every ebb and flow. His vocal veracity is demonstrated on the medley of the classic ‘My Funny Valentine', the crooning ‘Wicked Game', and Britney's indelible ‘Baby, One More Time'.


Akin to a first love, I have an illogical soft spot for his last release I Guess You've Gotta Start Somewhere…, although Rasing Revenue exemplifies Italiano's talents just clearly. Truth be told, this is the album Bernard Fanning wishes he could produce. Honest, heartfelt lyrics, a voice that is delicious and guitar skills that make me want to see him paired with Chris Cheney just to see what would happen.

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