Anyone who caught Metallica on their ‘Death Magnetic’ world tour would know that the stage show, presented on a round platform with the band in the middle, was nothing short of amazing.

Quebec Magnetic captures the intensity of the show with a 26-song set, filmed over two nights in Quebec City. With over three hours of music, it’s hard to complain about the tracks on offer and the group do well to give even time to all of their releases, even cracking out some specialties. Whiplash, from ‘Kill ‘Em All’ for example which doubles as one of the set highlights.

It is also hard to complain considering the set list was chosen by fans particularly for the DVD release and filmed shows. The production quality of the film is at the usual high Metallica standard placing it on par with most of their other live releases, but what ‘Quebec Magnetic’ does more than anything, is capture the band’s well practiced performance abilities.

No one can argue that the group are on top of their game from a live perspective, they can even make tracks from ‘St. Anger’ sound better live (a little better anyway). The structure of this particular film adds to the appeal, it begins with some brief pre-show moments backstage and the band’s huddle before opening up a show full of lasers and pyrotechnics that the cameras really aren’t scared to get close to.

Watching Hetfield and Hammett shred away on tracks like Master Of Puppets is truly awesome, while newer songs like The Judas Kiss prove to one day become classics themselves. Another stand-out which is classed as an “extra track” is the rarity Phantom Lord, a song rarely ever played but played here as if it were performed every night. Metallica are tight, that now includes bassist Trujilo, who seems to receive far less screen time than everyone else.

A great little bonus on the DVD is the Quebec City Love Letters, which is a featurette on the band’s love for Quebec City and their fans that personalises these rock monsters who were moments ago destroying a venue with some great rock n’ roll.

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