Public Service Broadcasting is the pseudonym for musicians J.Willgoose ESQ and Wrigglesworth. According to their wiki page their purpose is to ‘To teach lessons from the past with the music of the future’. Each one of their songs samples news clips, propaganda messages, around snippets from public information films.

This concept for the album isn't exactly new. The band called ‘The Books‘ have been doing it for years, the difference being is ‘The Books’ were more of a chilled out, laid back group as the Public Service Broadcasting make you want to jump onto the dance floor. The album manages to successfully amalgamate different styles without sounding overly ambitious. The song 'Spitfire' has a 90’s Britpop sound to it mixed up with a 60’s spy movie rock beat.

The rest of the album squiggles and squirms through various genres and manages to keep the listener enticed and coming back for more, The theme from Public Service Broadcasting is slight afro beat with a electro beat to it.

For a first album these guys have managed to pull off a great summer party album, all we need now is to see these guys in the live setting, which I think they will really shine.
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