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Poet Laureatte would like to thank ‘his shit factory job for giving him time to write rhymes, all the bitches who did me wrong over the years and the few who didn't and the copious quantities of weed that stood by him through the toughest of times'. His mother must be proud.


Isn't rap music an odd beast? What other genre of music can have a song (Guts and steel) that both opens and closes with the word ‘motherf*****,' complains about ‘bitches', muses about life and suicide and how fake society is and ask ‘how did you end up such a motherf****** failure?'


Better yet is ‘I smoke better weed than you, I have a much better Lexus' from the imaginatively titled ‘Better.'


So much of modern rap is ceaseless self-promoting, sexism, and contradictions like rapping about how bad society is then rapping about smashing society. It is a genre full of contradictions, I mean, the ‘bitches' and ‘pimps' thing has just been done so many times before, and all on the same 8 seconds of music on loop.


Poet Laureatte is all of these contradictions - he is all of the ghetto posing, self-promotion and explicit and violent language that one expects from b-grade rap. His tracks are pretty self-loathing, as seems to be the trend of rap these days. The track titles include ‘Doom', ‘Anger Management' and ‘Truth Ache.' Oddly enough though there are no track titled ‘motherf*****,' or ‘bitches and pimps.'


If gangster rap is your thing, then you will probably enjoy this album. Poet Laureatte has a good rappers' voice - I think I'll have him rapping the word ‘bitch' stuck in my head for the next week – and the lyrics are on occasions quite clever once you sift through all the usual bragging and passé sexual boasting.


‘Poet Laureatte' is an alright album if you like 50 cent or Eminem. Poetry it is in patches, though ‘bitch' can only cleverly rhyme with ‘bitch' so many times before you're over it.


4 crass sexual slang terms out of 10.

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