Happy Mondays, The - Playground Superstar

Ok. Let's make no mistake. The Happy Monday's were at the forefront of that whole reggae/indie/manchester thing, right?


Just so we're sorted, this means it's ok for them, 20 years later, to sound like this weird Ian Brown/Stooges/Echo and the Bunnymen thing. I mean it's really OK.


It's not great though. Apparently Sean Ryder has cleaned up his act, but I haven't really investigated this much. Somehow, this romanticed idea us younger generation have for what's come before makes everything taste a little bit sweeter. Somehow, it's cool that Ryder is a fuck-up because that means that it's ok for us to fuck up.


Kids, it really isn't. Unless you're one of those rare ones with any talent, like Ryder is/was, then really you'll just be a fuck up with gray hair and a paunch.


The new single 'Playground Superstar' (truly awful song name, despite it's meaning), is good. A little underwhelming in length to be honest but it's enough to make me look forward to hearing the album in it's entirety. I think it's going to sit better in more of a context.


This song is on the soundtrack of a football movie called Goal! The only opinion I bothered readind that of a deluded Newcastle United Fan, so maybe I'll wait for the video.


Oh, and the Happy Monday's have a myspace site, supposedly. Disgusting. But don't let that influence you, they're still fantastic.

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