Stripped back, elegant and simply breathtaking, the first three thoughts that entered my mind as the beautiful music of Patrick James greeted my ears for the first time. Now I’m a sucker for this kind of music, it never fails to put you in a wonderful mood. And let me assure you this time was no different.

Almost a bit hard to believe that this talented singer is Port Macquarie breed as his EP All About to Change is of such a high quality. Although not surprising when he sites Guitar and lyrical driven artists such as like James Taylor, Paul Simon and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young along with contemporary pop artists as his influences.

The record opens in a beautiful way and heavily reminds me of the opening of Leonard Cohen’s 'Hallelujah'. Most songs with a 30 second instrumental intro would drive me to boredom, but not opening track for this record, title ‘Brighter Lights’ it is just bliss.
Track two, ‘All About To Change’, the title track, takes the EP to a slightly more upbeat tempo. It has this beautiful almost folky vibe that just makes you smile.

Track three, ‘Golden Sun’, almost makes me feel like the name suggests. That I’m out in a field in the golden sun just soaking up life and be at peace. It’s a beautiful piece of musical arrangement.

Track four, ‘Burn Away’, starts with bringing it back to the soft vibe and sounds as if it is just him, his guitar and other soft fillers. But the builds up into a fuller sound, then almost out to nothing as the song closes.
The record ends with ‘Stay’, almost an urge for the listeners to stay and listen to the EP one more time. It is like the rest of the songs a beautiful peaceful composition that is full of splendor.

All in all a stunning record and an almost must for everyone’s collections.
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