Paramore - Paramore

Paramore - Paramore

Before pressing play on the opening track of Paramore’s self-titled fourth studio album, forget about all the crap you have read in the media regarding the bands turmoil as the songs themselves tell a far better story than anything you would have previously heard.

The band stampede back into the world with a powerful opening track that sends a very necessary message to its listeners: the trio are warriors who have fought tooth and nail to reclaim their spot in the music scene, “When we spotted a second chance, we had to learn how to steal it”.

This becomes a motif within the album as one of the most poignant lyrics is seen on the revolutionary lead single ‘Now’ as Williams stops for a moment of self reflection on their comeback, stating: “Feels like I’m waking from the dead and everyone’s been waiting on me”. The rest of the track acts as the bands mantra for their comeback, giving reference to their feud with the Farro brothers, the near death of the band and their determination to resurrect. And oh how they have resurrected!

While the band clearly harbors the same fighting spirit that has gotten them through the darkest of times over the years, they seem to have picked up new tricks along the way. Paramore  bears the likings of a concept album, with meticulous attention to detail on everything from the album title, to the cover art to the order of the track listing. The album even features two beautiful, stripped back interludes that give an extremely personal insight into what the hell has been going on in the trio’s lives during their hiatus.

In the midst of all the war cries and calls to arms, several tracks shine with fun- loving-exuberance to remind us that underneath the battle armor, there’s just a simple girl and two of her best mates. Said tracks include the international hit ‘Still Into You’. The music video itself sees Williams bopping in her bedroom, dancing with ballet dancers and spinning with sparklers all the while thinking about a boy that she has fondly described within the song.

Another example includes the laid back and confessional track ‘[One Of Those] Crazy Girls’ where she beseeches her intense devotion to her beau with no sense of shame as she admits that she’s going to call him a hundred times when they part and if that’s not enough, she’ll sneak into his apartment using the keys she cunningly copied just to smell his clothes. This track sees major growth for the band as it shows their newfound willingness to dabble into genres other than pop and punk and my does it sound good!

However, despite the album boasting an impressive 17 tracks, several of these could easily have been left out including the annoyingly sappy and unspirited ‘Hate To See Your Heart Break’ and the unenchanting, wannabe inspirational ‘Grow Up’.

When you look past the head bangingly addictive, guitar driven tracks and the cutesy love songs, you find something that shines brighter than all of the radio-ready beacons put together. Vulnerability.
The band pours out all of their fears, hopes and dreams on songs like ‘Last Hope’ where they confess that all they have is “a spark, but its enough to keep me going”.

The albums epic conclusion ‘Future’ sees the band bear all to the world. Opening with a hauntingly random conversation between the three that shows their comradery and companionship and leaves you convinced that despite all the shit (excuse the French) that they have gone through, they are still the best of friends.

By the time the final note of the final song of the album is played, we are assured of three things: the Farro brothers are not missed, Paramore is a powerful entity that can withstand industry/emotional turmoil and this album will live on as the soundtrack of champions.

Standout tracks: Now, Still Into You, Last Hope
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