Owl Eyes - Nightswim

In its simplest form, Nightswim is the encapsulation of all the best bits of the 1980’s crammed into a nicely packaged 40 minute LP. The debut album from Melbourne’s Owl Eyes (a.k.a Brooke Addamo) is equipped with a never ending supply of cheesy sythns, splash cymbals and incredibly catchy pop hooks and shows absolutely no hesitation in flaunting them.

Brooke Addamo first came into the industry’s attention through becoming a finalist on the glory that is Australian Idol. Using that as a launchpad, Addamo broke away from the commercial pop world and into indie fame through the success of her Faces, Raiders and Crystalised EP’s, who were instantly picked up by alternative stations across the nation.

Nightswim follows the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach and builds on her already established pop credibility and adds a much more dancefloor friendly atmosphere to the tracks, with bangers like ‘Nightswim’, ‘Open Up’ and ‘Ivory’ paving the way for Owl Eyes to reach a more club based market. They’re fun, upbeat and incredibly easy to sing along to, making way for killer live performances.

The only issue with Nightswim as a whole is an unfortunate lack of diversity between tracks. Whilst there are noticeable variations between the dance hits and more down-tempo grooves like ‘Diamonds in Her Eyes’ and ‘Salt Water’, the album as a whole generally stays in a fairly similar position throughout.

That being said, there are plenty of tracks on Nightswim that would no doubt work in Addamo’s favour in establishing herself within the music community. As a debut album, this LP ticks a majority of the boxes and bodes for an exciting future for potentially Australia’s next big indie pop star.

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