What would be scarier than a pack of bears? Bears with Guns. They may have an aggressive name, but this alt-folk group bring you offerings of peaceful music. They sound a bit like fellow Sydney band Boy and Bearwith less boy and more guns.

Originally from Parkes NSW, this group of fives lads moved to Sydney a few years ago to pursue their music. After a few years of playing gigs and busking, the boys have delivered their first recorded EP Only The Quick and The Hungry. Hopefully it’s the first recording of many.

These guys have made an EP with some good vibes. Even the tracks that sound like they are meant to be a bit gloomy have a cheery ukulele making you smile.
“Snakes and Ladders” has a fast beat and mando riffs that sounds like it would be a great live track. The single “Taken For A Fool” is a song about a failed relationship that still has that sunny feel coming from the uke.

What’s remarkable about Bears With Guns is how flexible and diverse they can be in only six tracks. There’s a strong folk element with the ukulele, mandolin and acoustic guitars, but then it also sways a bit towards rock with electric guitar and keyboards. This is a young band that sounds like they’ve got plenty of good stuff still to come.

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