Seether - One Cold Night

Up until I heard this CD I would have argued until I was blue in the face, that yes, Kurt Cobain was very very dead. I would have sworn that he shot himself in the head and left Courtney to sponge off his brilliance. Funnily enough, I'm no longer convinced of that fact. I blame Seether for my new found mystification. I'm trying as hard as I can to stop from making ‘Weekend at Kurt's' jokes. Don't be too concerned, you're not missing out; they'd be rubbish jokes anyway.


I listened to the lead singer's voice, somewhat dumbfounded. What I now want to know is whether Seether set out with an intention to sound like Nirvana, wearing their influences on their sleeve, or whether it's just a happy coincidence. I can foresee debates developing when a new band that sounds like Seether arrives for the post Nirvana -Seether generation and those kids will say, and I quote "Dude, that sounds like Seether." Those from the Nirvana generation that have heard the comment will shake their heads and mutter about today's misguided barbaric youth. Maybe that'll happen…it does in my head.


Self loathing set to music really is a fine art, isn't it? Seether have it bottled and on the shelf - there's a lot of angst going on here. Insobriety, shame, anger, there's an almost infinite list of archetypal angst on One Cold Night. Luckily, the lead voice suits the lyrics completely. No one could put this kind of emotion across convincingly without one of those great gravely moans. I just hope the guy looks as good as he sounds. I've specifically not ‘googled' him so as to retain an ounce of objectivity. However, if he does, I'm probably outside his window, cheekily peeking in as you read this. Please don't call the police, not until before I get AVO's from Tim Freedman and Paul Dempsey, then go right ahead, it'll be a hat trick. Anyway, he probably has a girlfriend (they all do), but enough about my angst…this is about Seether's collective torment, not mine.


I think the only thing that set me a little on edge (apart from the need to yell Nirvana did it first constantly) is the cheering at the end of each track…I mean obviously it's a live recording but is ‘woohoo' really an appropriate reaction to ‘I hate me and everyone else'? Now I guess I'm just picking at what is otherwise an album that I fully enjoyed.


I think I have a new favourite band, at least for tonight. I plan to alienate quite a few teeny boppers by playing this in my room at quite an inconsiderate volume. I might make the metal head that lives underneath me aggravated too. How convenient – two birds, one grand album. I'm struggling however to decide whether I love One Cold Night because it's Seether or because it's Kurt Cobain incarnate.

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