Oliver Tank - Slow Motion Music

Oliver Tank - Slow Motion Music

Oliver Tank is not yet a household name. The ambient electronic producer, hailing from Sydney, flies quietly under the radar, but the influence his sound has had on the Australian music scene is undeniably pervasive. His debut EP Dreams was an underground hit for Tank, scoring him a Northern Lights Award in 2011. In the years between Dreams and Slow Motion Music, Tank has been making the rounds in the highly exciting Australian beats scene, remixing Snoop Dog and scoring a highly sought after supporting slot on Lorde’s recent Australian tour. By no means has he been latent; rather incredibly creative, and the result is most obvious in his latest release, Slow Motion Music.

Slow Motion Music is an album directly concerned with the intangible concept of time and it’s effect on Tank’s life. It is filled with emotional hurt and heartbreak, and at times does make the listener feel as if everything is flowing in slow motion. The dribbling percussion combined with the chant of “I know you feel it too” on ‘Home’ sends the listener into a lucid state of emotional detachment, as does the reverberation so omnipresent on ‘Her’. The overall quality of Slow Motion Music is indeed somewhat depressing; in both the themes themselves and the way the themes are presented in Tank’s music. “Life in real time moves too fast for me, slow down” is the lyrical theme for the final track ‘Blessing In Disguise’, a theme that beautifully sums up the premise of Slow Motion Music. Tank presents the album as an escape from these emotional feelings; music in slow motion is used as a means to detach oneself from time, which is moving too fast for us all.

The opening track ‘Stay’ is one of the weaker productions from Tank and not a very strong opening for the album, but is saved by the enchanting string arrangement and vocal harmonies between Tank and Fawn Meyers. ‘Different Speed’ is a collaboration between Tank and Triple J wunderkind Ta-Ku and is testament to the brilliance that is sometimes found when two wonderful artists create together. Elements of Tank’s spacious production and Ta-Ku’s signature beats combine to make one of the more upbeat tracks on the album.

Slow Motion Music is a beautiful concept that has been masterfully achieved by Tank. Let down occasionally by clichéd lyrics but always resurrected with Tank’s unique production, the second release by Tank has the influential power to inspire and initiate a new surge of beat making in Australia. Oliver Tank is not yet a household name, but he really should be.

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