Cosmic Psychos - Off Ya Cruet!

In musical terms, everybody seems to focus on the negative aspects of the decade that was the ‘80s'. Sure there were a lot of moments we would prefer to forget, but there were some great bands to emerge, especially in the Australian indie / alt. scene. The Cosmic Psychos were one of those bands.


After an almost ten year recording lull and a line up change due to the departure of founding member Bill Walsh, the Cosmic Psychos hit back with a new long player, Off Ya Cruet! …And not a thing has changed.


Mentioning to a friend that I had a copy of the new Cosmic Psychos cd, he asked me my thoughts on it. As I briefly pondered this question, we looked at each other and in unison we replied:


"…It's the Cosmic Psychos!"


Purely and simply, that's it. They've done this for over twenty years and aren't changing for anyone. Nothing's changed. They still sweat beer.


You can have your ‘best beer drinking songs'. The Psychos will spill more than those songs will ever make you drink and that's in the first shout. This is all flannelette and blue Bonds singlets, truck drivin', industrial strength, wrecking ball, amphetamine fuelled, balls-on-the-block, pedal to the metal pub punk. Get the picture?


This is the music that should advertise heavy machinery, the music that should accompany beer ads. This music will make you drink beer. To excess. This could make you do something you'll regret later along with the hangover in the morning.


Out on the excellent Timberyard label, 'Off Ya Cruet' reiterates the Cosmic Psychos proclivity for some of life's simpler pleasures; fuzzed out buzz saw guitars, three chords and beer being some of them. Rose Tattoo spring easily to mind when benchmarking but this is just in passing as Ross Knight's bulldozer bass and vocals quickly stand 'Off Ya Cruet!' Firmly along side all other previously releases.


That being said, the slide guitar on album opener, Kill Bill and The Shed has a definite ring of the late Pete Wells of Rose Tattoo fame.


Kill Bill, an ode to Bill Walsh perhaps? Not for me to say. The same could apply to Dead In A Ditch


"When they're covering you over I'll be taking a piss You used to be a friend Now son of a bitch Next time I see ya You'll be dead in a ditch…."


The Cosmic Psychos should be on the same pedestal as AC/DC, Cold Chisel and Rose Tattoo in terms of ‘Australian rock.' Their following in Europe, like many bands of the period, far outstrips their ‘secret society' of fans here in Australia and their longevity speaks for itself.


The men from the Psychos call it as they see it, as they have done in the past. This is what they do and they do it well. Hopefully a group of new fans will emerge from the batch of fashion victims posing as current music aficionados. The fashionista will discover that the ‘fashion band de jour' can't stand the heat and will burn in the kitchen.


Get your teeth into something that will bite back. The staples meat and three veg, if you will. There is no crossing of genres here; no fusions or post pop punk no wave or whatever is the go today, it's just pure and simple rock.


Get your drinking boots primed and catch them as they tour this puppy. They will brutalise your ears and your livers as well.


The Cosmic Psychos: blokes you can trust.. to not drink responsibly!


You can't keep good men down.

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