8 Ball Aitken - Odd Ball In

8 Ball Aitken is a positively spirited man that gets around in purple suits and leopard print hats. His own upbringing set in the harsh Northern Queensland climate has created an ideal backdrop for some of Australia's finest contemporary roots tracks. This new release sees the colourful musician tackle everything from media's impact on the self-esteem in "Young Girl" to gentle affirmations in "I Believe You Can". His varied style may not appeal to everyone, but will to anyone with even the slightest inkling of appreciation for a track that is either rootsy or filled with great pop hooks. Any musician in my book that mentions a "Psychedelic Zebra" and a "Kaleidoscopic Cheetah" has something special going on.


As is his lyric "What you think is what you get, grass roots power is your private jet" taken from the track "Heaven Is In My Bed" off the new album ‘Odd Ball In', could be taken quite literally. He pushes his grass roots ethos through simple lyrics including; "I Believe You Can" and "Work Smarter, Not Harder". Produced by Bird Of The Phoenix Movement and Marly Luske, the new recording sees 8 Ball step his career up a few notches under such professional reigns.


Teethed from his own experiences, "I tell myself what is good and bad, I tell myself what I can and can't have" and "Rules and made to break, rules are meant to bend, you'll miss out on the fun if you don't challenge them", "Cowboy" appears to be the track that most represents 8 Ball at this stage and is most indicative of his life process leading into the release of "Odd Ball In".


Tracks "Cowboy", "I Believe You Can", "Your Poison" and "Young Girl" are very upbeat, each with a strong blues riff backing them. This is at full force in the chorus of "I Believe You Can", which reinforces the affirmation; "Can one woman make a difference? Can one man be heard? Above the sound of violence, break down all that we've learnt? I believe, ohhh whoa ooh ohhh ohhh… I believe you can".


Able to vocally slide from steel to honey, he proves there's more to him than meets the eye, most apparent in the sultry "Heaven is in my bed" and "You're Out of the Game". Whereas "Sagas and Dramas" and "Flamin' Thongs" may both include fierce blues undertones, it is 8 Ball's strained to soaring vocals which set them off.


"Young Girl" delves into the media's influence on contemporary society by questioning whether or not young girls think about life beyond the aesthetic pleasure of popular labels and plastic surgery. "What's the difference between sunburn and tan, will the new tit job help you steal her man?" and "Walking down the street what is in your head? Advertising slogans you've been force fed", both of which express the opinion that the younger generations have been teethed on such shallow and insecure ideals.


8 Ball may get around in purple suits, animal print and crazy cowboy hats, but the idea of him conforming to mainstream society is no where on the cards. He surely is the "Odd Ball" of "Odd Ball In", in a good way of course!

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