NY Lights - NY Lights

NY Lights - NY Lights

NY Lights is one of those non-Googleable names, a band that is hard to find and even harder to research. Which is a damn shame, because the four songs on NY Lights’ self-titled debut EP are each a tasty pop gem.

In my difficult research of the band, I discovered that the project is the brainchild of a Philip A. Jimenez, apparently a multi-platinum-record-producer-slash-song writer-slash-performer. He was the also engineer, producer and drummer on everyone’s favourite 2am angsty anthem, Wheatus’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag’.

Just like that song, most of the tracks on here are raw, catchy hunks of pop. Opener ‘So Damn Young’ is a great downer about lost love, and regrets of youth (not unlike Mr Jiminez’s previous efforts).

I think that what NY Lights is doing here is both unique and familiar. Its a pop EP and as such is full of sugary chorus and hooks. But what sets the EP apart is the instrumentation. Not only are there strings all throughout these four songs. But they form a strong base...like a bass. They’re not at all a novelty, or a cheap attempt at sounding worldly, they sound honest. Is that weird calling an instrument honest? I don’t care, that’s how it sounds.

NY lights is raw, catchy, lyric driven, string laden, emotional music. To me, it resonates with memories of yearnful yet hopeful adolescence. This is music you’d play to a girl or boy that you want to impress...and they will be impressed.
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