Big Scary - Not Art

Who? Tom: Lead Singer, Electric Guitar, Keys & Jo: Drums, backing vocals.
What? Moody Ballads, Grunge, Alternative Pop.
Where? Melbourne, Australia.
Album available? June 28 (AUS) and Sept 17th (US)
Worth it? YES

Stand out song: ‘Luck Now’

To inform you of my bias, as an Australian I am ridiculously proud of the high standard of musicians we have in this great nation of ours. Big Scary knock the ball out of the park with their latest offering, off the back of their first album Vacation. Their second album Not Art is a mix of the complex and the simple, showing their evolution since forming in 2006.

The album opens with heavy drums and Tom’s grunge vocals in ‘Hello, My name is'. From there it delves deeper into a darker tone, with a chosen theme of moodiness and haunting hooks for the listener. These songs are the sounds of stormy weather, of isolation with nothing but your regrets as company. It’s altogether nostalgic and beautiful.

The strength of the album is the distinctiveness of each song. They are in themselves their own pieces, showing the talent of these performers and their ability to be original and non-repetitive. Their range doesn’t disappoint or bore the listener, who is instead transported to a different mood and memory as each song of the album plays.

This intricate, expansive, contradictory and diverse 11 piece offering is compelling and thoughtful listening. For more check out their bigscary.net/…

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