Gersey - No Satellites

Having waited four years since their last LP release, Gersey are back with their latest offering of mellow pop rock. No Satellites is the title and with at least 20 tracks having been left discarded on the cutting-room floor, this album is a collection of what these Melbourne lads believe to be their strongest material.


From the first note of track 1 "I'm Still Here" (a track about overcoming adversity and ploughing on with life and music – particularly apt due to near break-ups with the band) I was excited and in a state of anticipation of good things to come. However I unfortunately found that as the album wore on it was losing my interest at a steady rate.


This album consists of 12 tracks and they sure do take their time unfolding onto the listener's ears. I like slow albums but this one was just a little too mellow for my taste. Don't get me wrong here folks. This album is quite an interesting listen. It just didn't have that certain oomph behind it.


The vocals are steady, the guitars have their catchy hooks and licks and the percussion is both hard and fast and at times gentle. Guitars and keyboards swirl about with tambourines and quick-paced drumming. The thump of the kick drum and the wall of sound from guitars and bass make for an interesting mélange of sound. There certainly is some great music here to listen to, so what did I find so tiring about it all? I can only arrive at the conclusion that it was the vocals of lead singer Craig Jackson. There was a definite tang of emotion in what he was singing, a quality which usually inspires one to sit up and take note – maybe I am just tired. And maybe I need to hit play again and give it another chance.


I like "Fire" with its interesting guitar work and steady rhythmic drumming. I also like "Fourteen Shades" and "The Girl Is My Gun". I hope on subsequent listens to add to that list.

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