Leadfinger - No Room at the Inn

Leadfinger's latest album No Room at the Inn jumps out of the speakers and straight into your aural canal, it punctuates your brain with a quick side kick to the arse, then straightens up a bit, settles at the bar for a quick one, then jumps back on track and doesn’t stop til daylight.

The track 'Don’t Think Twice', mellow and subtle, but a clean riff that leaves a strong imprint, Stew Cunningham’s impassioned vocals are ragged and worn, he has been around the block more than once and knows how to build those hooks and smash them out without being pretentious.

The title track 'No Room at the Inn' is a soothing country lament that straddles along like a wandering horse walking into the sunset, the slow pace of the song is like a warm whiskey tickling the throat, just when you’re about finished, it comes back around again.

'The Other Ones' is full of grace and glory, it swaggers and swings it hips like Mick Jagger circa 73, you can feel the sweat dripping from the mic, and Stew’s voice handles the song like finely tuned muscle car.

'Pretty thing' is reminiscent of classic power pop bands such as the Raspberries and Big Star, again the chorus pop’s and crackles with last impression.

The rest of the album swings and swelters with gusto and guts. Leadfinger have been around for a number of years, here’s hoping this album will be their breakthrough.
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