Lanie Lane - Night Shade

Lanie Lane burst onto the Australian scene three years ago with her gorgeous sultry country ballads album To The Horses. She built quite a strong reputation for herself with solid airplay and extensive touring. So it's good to see her back with her new album Night Shade.

Lanie has almost done a complete 360 degree turn stylistically. This new collection of songs swing deep and low but with a more late night jazz feel. Her breathtaking voice is still prominent but in more of a classic Julie London way, as opposed to her sweet Patsy Cline style.

The album opens with the hypnotic 'Salute'. It's beat and ambient feel puts the listener in a trance from the first chord. It slowly builds with a heavy guitar sound that pulls you under like a strong midnight tide.

The second track, 'I See You' changes pace a bit. The mood is a bit lighter but with a cloudy burst of light that peeks through every now and then.

Every track on the album burns its way into your subconscious, where you feel yourself humming or slowly dancing around the house for days on end, a sign of a great album.

Lanie had built a strong fan base with her first album of country ballads, and she has gone completely against the grain and done something totally different. This is a brave move, one which usually takes an artist quite a few years to do. Lanie's gutsy move shows a real sense of maturity and creativity.

This is a stunning follow up for Lanie, her growth as an artist is a beautiful thing, she has gone ahead in leaps in bounds and her place in the Australian music scene is well and truly cemented. Night Shade is one of the year’s best, grab it now before the rest of the world catches on.

Watch the the music video for 'Celeste', the first single released off Night Shade

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