Koolism - New Old Ground

Koolism are back with their fourth long player, and second Invada records release, New Old Ground. Having been a long time admirer, but not actually owning any of their records, I was very excited to be receiving their new release and the boys did not disappoint.


Despite a few setbacks in the making of this album, including the theft of equipment and the loss of almost 2 years of their work, MC Hau and DJ Danielsan were not discouraged and have created an hour-long masterpiece that is sure to appease new and old fans alike. From the opening track ‘Talent' (kudos for the special dedication) right through to ‘Two Plus One', the boys of Koolism are at the top of their game, reaching new heights with their unique blend of reggae, funk and south pacific goodness.


All fifteen tracks have something to offer and highlights include ‘The Countdown', ‘Double O' and ‘Food for Thought'. These tracks ooze the kind of funk that would inspire even the most straight laced accountant types to let loose and get dirty on the dance floor, without the aid of a few beverages. Hau's rhymes are as tight as they've always been, providing an amusing social commentary that is delivered confidently with passion for the music and his Tongan heritage that is an obvious source of inspiration.


Danielsan's world-class DJ skills compliment Hau's rhymes and together, through their hard work and dedication, they have proven themselves to be an unparalleled force on the Australian hip-hop scene. As the name implies, New Old Ground sees Koolism returning to the original fundamentals that their sound was built upon way back in 1992 when the collaborations started, and has them paying tribute to the many musicians that have motivated them to continue on their hip-hop journey, including fellow Aussie's KOA and the legendary Run DMC and Jam Master Jay.


The return to their roots will be an interesting experience for fans of 2004's innovative ARIA award winning Part 3 – Random Thoughts and is sure to impress even the harshest of critics with massive beats and lyrics that display a refreshing wit that eludes many of today's more prominent overseas ‘hip-pop' MC's. Their sound translates well live and if you can, I highly recommend catching one of their shows as they tour this record around the country as this dynamic duo convert their passion for hip hop into a wild live set. New Old Ground is fresh for 2006. Buy it now. You will be satisfied.

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