The talent seeping out of Sweden right now is making me think there’s something special being added to their Scandanavian water. Inadvertently following Lykki Li's release I Never Learn earlier this month, Little Dragon have proven there is more to the Swedish musical landscape than death metal.

Nabuma Rubberband, then – the band’s fourth release - hears vocalist Yukimi Nagano dominate each track with her uniquely European tones. Dominance is certainly a theme recurring with this performer; the band is according to lore named after her diva-eqsue antics and tendency to throw tantrums. Her attitude seems to have been tolerated by her bandmates and high school chums Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrik Källgren Wallin (bass) and Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards) long enough to have sustained four albums’ worth of material since ’96 and for the most part I’m thankful.

You’ve probably already been exposed to the first release from Nabuma Rubberband – ‘Klapp Klapp’ - which attests perfectly to the sound Little Dragon are aiming to achieve in 2014. Despite that there seem to be hypnotic Grimes-style vibes to go along with their usual hard punching synths and in this case, all components build to a climatic chorus. I picture this song as an ideal party starter.

The second release, 'Paris', slows the album’s tempo down and has obviously been influenced by slow jams from Janet Jackson, who Yukimi states she used to listen to whilst wondering the streets of Gothenburg during the relentless winters.

Though there are some catchy tracks I feel this release simply does not live up to the same high standard as their past works. It’s as though the band is focusing too much on maturity and creating complex harmonies. They’re just not for party tunes.
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