Yes, I know what you are thinking, soapie starlet turned commercial radio favourite, not worthy of my listening time. I know because I used to be one of you.


True, the name Imbruglia may bring forth these thoughts, now let me clarify a few things for you and hopefully change your mind a little. Two words, Laura Imbruglia. ‘What?' I hear you gasp ‘There is another? Oh well surely she probably does the same pappy pop, I shan't have my ears assailed with such things!' If you are in that camp, not only are you wrong, you are also missing out.


Laura Imbruglia's latest single 'My Dream of a Magical Washing Machine' is pure punk with a distinct proto-pop edge. Including the single, the B-side 'I Wanna Throw Stones' as well as two demos 'The Dumber Touch' and 'Two Cockatoos', 'My Dream of a Magical Washing Machine' gives one a fairly good indication of where Imbruglia is at. Whilst I would not say at this point she is an extraordinary songwriter, she is certainly more than competent and worth checking out. What shines through most on this release is her remarkable sense of humour and why these songs work so well is that they are fun to listen to. Imbruglia is not afraid to delve into nonsense and in one remarkable instance the relationship between two birds. Musically, the single is at times rough but that is the punk ethos and quite frankly if there was even a shred of musical virtuosity on it I would be worried.


I have it in my head that Imbruglia could come up with the greatest, most fun and hilarious party album of all time. And when she does I will have it on non-stop rotation at all my swinging shindigs.


So I implore you, don't write Laura off just because of your misconceptions because you may just miss out on all the fun.

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