Antiskeptic - Monuments (DVD)

First of all, I have to point out that this review is solely based on the DVD portion of this release; were you to purchase this yourself, you would receive an EP and a DVD, but I am reviewing only the DVD. This DVD however, does feature all 4 songs off the new EP, and I can safely say that Antiskeptic fans will thoroughly enjoy this release.


The DVD has 3 sections:


Section 1: Studio Performance This section is basically the band playing the songs together in the studio, so it is like a live recording with better sound. It features each of the new songs from the EP and I am quite impressed with them. For this recording, Antiskeptic took a more collaborative approach with the songwriting, and it pays off, with some more versatile structure and a cracker of a tune in "Hallelujah". The background of each song is explained beforehand, and the guys make some interesting points about the birth of each song and the influences of the tunes. All in all, I am looking forward to the new album, because these songs point to a more mature sound that punk desperately needs.


Section 2: Documentary This part explains the process of putting together the songs and recording them; basically the whole process from start to finished product. It doesn't have a whole lot to say and you will probably watch it once and that's it but I guess those who know nothing about the recording process might find it interesting. Dedicated fans might also enjoy the bits of Antiskeptic jamming, but because it's on personal video camera the sound is pretty bad.


Section 3: Antiskeptic Live This set features "Called", "Nothing To Say" and "Change My Ways" along with some others. It is OK, I think maybe they went a little too far with the amount they fiddled with "Called", but I guess the sound and lighting are OK, the energy is good and overall it isn't too bad of a set. The crowd shows a fair bit of enthusiasm and there weren't too many off notes so it's hard to be critical.


I think this part of the DVD will be great for background noise at a party where everyone wants to talk, but is still essential for atmosphere. It has that intangible party mood about it. Overall, this DVD might get a few runs, but you will probably stick to the EP, judging by the Studio Performance section.

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