Antiskeptic - Monuments

It's been quite a while since Antiskeptic have put any new music out into the world. I can't remember anything since Called. Considering my enjoyment of said song, I was looking forward to hearing something new. I wasn't disappointed, but I didn't wet myself with puppy like excitement when I heard the new EP. Anyway, word is that Antiskeptic have been dancing around with fill in members until the recent return of bassist Sean Daly. Apparently we have been given a more collaborative recording than previous efforts.


Antiskeptic return again as a whole with Monuments. I remember pre-monuments Antiskeptic as being a lot speedier. Monuments is of a heavier rock persuasion than I expected it to be. To start with there's big drums that are given plenty of room to roam. I feel lucky that I had a good speaker system available to listen to this EP on. It'd be a bit of a waste to hear this on something tinny or hollow. It's a slightly curious thing to behold: a voice that I'd class as having a ‘whiney English rock' styling in front of stadium filling instrumentation.


The EP opens up with Dancing on the Inside. The bio I received plugs the chorus as "One of the most infectious choruses you will hear this year." I'm somewhat pleased it's only July. Whilst there's nothing wrong with the chorus, the repetition of the obvious – dancing on the inside, I hope that it's not the most infectious I will hear this year.


In fact, I felt that the chorus of the closer Hallelujah got stuck in my head more rapidly. However, I had a few issues with Hallelujah. Firstly, right up until the song started playing I held onto a dim hope that it'd be a cover of Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah. I was really looking forward to an angrier version of the anthem. I thought that would have been a killer. I was hoping it'd be in the same vein as A Perfect Circle's cover of Imagine. Second issue. I think this song would be grand if it went for about half of its original length. At eight minutes and thirty nine seconds, it's got an epic length without any overtly epic qualities.


The EP is cool, I can't complain about being able to stick it in my cd collection. I think what it lacks in ingenuity it makes up for in doing what it attempts to do well. There isn't really a point of difference in Monuments that brings words like awesome or genius to mind. In essence, she'll do.

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