The latest release coming from the four piece brings a lot of variation in music styles, and covers many new grounds. "Monkey Puzzle" proves the reality of breaking into new ground with different styles and ways of songwriting. However Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides have brought along a very unusual collection of songs with an large array of instruments to help them


The opening track starts with a good, funky beat before the keys and vocals come in. Once they kick in, it almost becomes a pop number with a funky rhythm guitar in the background of the song. The guitar has plenty of room to shine, yet never takes its moments. A cloud hangs over this song with a definite direction the song is heading in musically.


An acoustic pop song always lightens albums and does in this case. With subtle yet grand changes into the chorus with luscious melodies and ambience, it brings this song completely away from "Rodeo". It proves the bands ability to play a different genre with ease and comfort.


It's almost psychedelic rock, fused with a reggae beat and pop rock sound in "100 Miles In My Mind". String all these genres together in this tight fitting song and you might get the picture. It is no surprise that there three people contributed to the song writing of this jaunted number. However with a clean rhythm guitar and percussion behind it, the diverse fusion somehow fits this pop tune.


"Yamba Samba" gives away the new musical direction the band heads in for the song. Forever using many different styles in one song on the album, in this track, Vincent seems to die down the knot. A change of vocal tendencies with added soft melodies and some tight keys work, this is one of the stand out tracks of the album.


An easier feel comes into "suitcase". It has a light, power-pop feel with a very basic reggae guitar binding the song together. Vincent's vocals never really stand out as does this track.


Opening with a riff similar to that of Harrison's in "My Sweet Lord", the song seems to never ever be slightly alike. The soft ambient sounds carry through this song with the percussion dropping off in comparison to the rest of the album. It definitely drags on without any outstanding music breaks or vocals.


"Spin That Bottle" A catchy, party tune you would probably hear at a family gathering…Great percussion however! Vincent's vocals peak on the album in this song, just maybe not the lyrics so much. The brass section brightens the entire sound of the song with the flamenco guitar making it a stand out number.


Unfortunately, "6 Months Overtime" and "Moderna Sound" don't really stand out in any way. Both are pretty straight forward songs however "Horny Ghost" breaks up the two tracks in the albums run. Its pop rock feel with bluesy riffs get the feet tapping along. It may be slow but is the most outstanding track for the album.


The closing track, "Surrender" has a slight feel of Irish folk music. With a little rock and ambience behind it, it may well be the new Australian version of Irish folk music of the 20th Century. It definitely catches your attention with it's different approach to the rest of the tracks on the album.


"Monkey Puzzle" seems to be almost a collection of songs that have been written during various experiences of life that reflect the songs mood. It's a hard album to pin down in one listen but a few more, it can start to hook, although the lack of direction the album has isn't in my books.

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